Silent Installation of Packages

You can install a package on a desktop in unattended mode, bypassing the installation user interface. The choices normally selected during an attended installation are included in a response .properties file, which you create. To activate the unattended mode, run the installer file from the command line with the following arguments:

--unattended <full path to your response file>

For example:

eclipse-4.4.2-installer-linux.run --unattended /home/root/unattended.properties

Below is a sample of an unattended installer response file.


If you fail to include a property or configure a property improperly, the installer indicates what the offending property is and the value it is expecting.

PropertyData typeRequiredDescription
delivery.install.folderStringYesa path to the location where the package should be installed
delivery.install.architecture“x86” or “x86_64”Yes32-bit or 64-bit architecture
delivery.install.ws“cocoa”Yes if installing to the Mac platformMac operating system