System Alerts and Logs

System alerts are stored in the database connected to the delivery hub. The Notifications section displays current system activity alerts such as a status bar during system authentication, commits and promotes, and system start up. When you have changes to commit or promote, these appear in the Notifications section, as well. Many notifications then appear in the System Alerts list, which displays recent alerts. General system alerts appear on the System Administration page for 14 days. The Dashboard displays important alerts that require special attention, such as a failed promotion or low disk space. You can refresh the system alerts from the database by clicking .

Notifications and alerts

System activity can be viewed in system logs. Click the Download icons on the Alerts area to view the logs. You can download all server logs  or just the current . These logs are stored in the Data Files/logs folder located in the SDC installation folder. The console log for the running system isserver-details-0.log. Admin Console logs are found in the Admin Console/logs folder.

The Data Files folder also contains your installed software packs. The Data Files folder is one that is important to include in your system backup.