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    Just wanted to ask why Genuitec decided to dedicate resources to another 6.X release when the 7.0 GA is still not released and has been delayed another month from what the RoadMap says? From my perspective, it makes no sense.

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    Scott Anderson


    This is a great question so I’ve asked someone from our management team to provide a reply. I’d expect him to do so shortly.

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    Hi Mike,

    The story behind MyEclipse 6.6 being released ahead of MyEclipse 7.0 is a basic optimization of opportunities. We chose to extend the MyEclipse 7.0 release timeline to incorporate some recent new technology advances (more below). Incorporating these last minute MyEclipse 7.0 enhancements did not require the full use of the dev team. So we decided to use the remainder of the team to implement a planned upgrade of MyEclipse 6.5 to 6.6 while 7.0 was being completed. The release resources were committed to which ever project team finished first. The 6.6 team won and went to QA ahead of 7.0.

    We have long envisioned a MyEclipse that enables users to choose and manage the composition of plugins they use in MyEclipse. While we have not talked about it publicly we have been targeting MyEclipse 7 as the release to initiate developing this vision. Our most recent Pulse release provides a very solid technology platform to make this possible. But the release cycle for Pulse and MyEclipse 7.0 were a couple of weeks out of phase. Thus we have held up 7.0 by a few weeks to replace the integrated Community Essentials updater with a new MyEclipse Plugin Dashboard using Pulse technology. In subsequent 7.x releases we plan to incrementally increase the modularity of the MyEclipse product architecture and migrate features to a plugin catalog to enable users to choose only plugins that they care to use.

    The story behind the MyEclipse 6.6 release is that there are a large number of MyEclipse 6.x users that for one reason or another will not be upgrading to MyEclipse 7.0 for up to a year or more. Thus, we are compelled to provide them key upgrades and fixes.

    We had hoped to have 7.0 out by now but couldn’t pass up a fantastic opportunity to purse a strategic objective that Pulse now provides us.

    Wayne Parrott
    VP, Product Development
    Genuitec, LLC

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    OK, Wayne. Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.

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