Purchasing Software

Purchase Products

You can make online purchases of MyEclipse and CodeMix (including Angular IDE) using PayPal or a credit card. For Secure Delivery Center or MyEclipse Secure, you can request a product quote and our sales team will assist you with your purchase.

  1. Go to https://www.genuitec.com/buy-now/ or select Shop from your profile and then click Buy Software Now.

    Buying products
    Tip:  To view your order history, select Shop>History from your profile.
  2. Select the products you would like to purchase. After selecting the products to purchase, the total amount appears at the top of the screen.
    To purchase MyEclipse software, select one of the following options:
    Discover license by desired features—Allows you to select the number of seats and the features you need (displayed to the right of this option). Genuitec adds the appropriate product to your order. If you select Include license pre-activation and distribution, you cannot complete the purchase online; however, you will be able to request a quote for the MyEclipse Secure version. 
    Specify quantities of MyEclipse by license type—Allows you to select the number of seats needed for each level of MyEclipse. If you select Include MyEclipse Secure…, you cannot complete the purchase online; however, you will be able to request a quote. 
    Renew or modify existing MyEclipse license(s)—Directs you to your profile to renew or modify a license from the My Licenses tab.

    To purchase CodeMix & Angular IDE, select the number of seats and the appropriate license. Note that this license covers both CodeMix and Angular IDE. 

    To purchase Eclipse Delivery by SDC, select the type of license you wish to purchase. If you select License per user, use the slider above that option to select the number of users.
    Tip:  For a description of each option, hover your mouse over the information icontooltipicon.

    To include advanced support for your product, click Include Support.
  3. Click Review & Continue.

    Online Purchases
    If the selected product allows online purchases, Click Add to Cart and complete your purchase.
    Note: If you would like a quote, click the Request Your Quote tab and enter your information. 

    Making purchases online

    If the selected product does not allow online purchases, enter your information and click Get Your Quote.

    Requesting a quote

Upgrade Product Subscriptions

You can upgrade an existing MyEclipse license at any time to take advantage of additional features. Your license will keep the same expiration date and the upgrade price will be pro-rated for the time remaining on the current license.

  1. View your profile and select My Licenses. A list of licenses displays.

    Upgrading product licenses
  2. To upgrade to a new level of your product, click Upgrade. The available upgrade levels and pro-rated amounts display.
  3. Select the desired level to access your cart, proceed to checkout and place your order.

Renew Product Subscriptions

You can renew your product subscriptions online once they are within 45 days of expiring.

  1. View your profile and select My Licenses. A list of licenses displays.

    Renewing product licenses
  2. To renew a license, click Renew. The renewal appears in your cart.
    Note:  This options is only visible when a license is expiring within 45 days.
  3. Proceed to checkout and place your order.