Posted on Jan 16th 2015

The MyEclipse team starts the new year off with the GA production release of MyEclipse 2015 1.0 (a.k.a Stable 1.0)! A lot of work has been put into this release, which is overflowing with opportunities to help you be more productive.

A sampling of what's new in MyEclipse 2015:

  • Better support for JavaScript and technology modules such as AngularJS
  • Brand new REST explorer and quick access to REST modules and resources
  • PhoneGap mobile development tool

To get a better idea, check out our highlights video.

You can also read about the feature highlights on our MyEclipse 2015 Announcement page.



Also Landing in MyEclipse 2015...

To round out the features in MyEclipse 2015, we've added another new feature you'll like. The new MyEclipse Dark color theme is for those of you who enjoy working in the "dark." 

Switch to the new MyEclipse Dark color theme from the General>Appearance preferences. Or, for a quicker change, use the Theme icon on the toolbar.


You'll find the new MyEclipse Dark theme pleasing to the eye during those extended coding sessions.

To read more details of what's included in MyEclipse 2015, take a look at the delivery log. Then, get busy and download MyEclipse 2015 1.0 and see what the excitement's about!