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Posted on Dec 1st 2017

Webclipse and Angular IDE are key products for Genuitec and one main area we are trying to fix is not only support for coding in JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular and more inside Eclipse, but also make Eclipse a joy to work with.  Part of that was available for some time in Webclipse with things like the Breadcrumb toolbar or the enhanced Terminal+ view letting command line tools flow nicely with your projects.  As those tools evolved, and it became evident that there are many more UX enhancements we needed to make, it became clear that there was a synergy between these technologies and what Darkest Dark was doing with the UI.


As we move forward at Genuitec, we see the integration of UX improvements as part of coding a key benefit, and to be honest, need, of Eclipse.  There are many aspects to this, some of which we’re playing close to the vest for the near term, but suffice to say that to stay competitive and exceed the experiences of competitive IDEs and Editors, this became a primary need across our products.  As Wayne, our VP of Development, has covered on his related blog over here, we are aggressively pursuing improvements across the user experience of Eclipse.

We understand this is a “big change” for some of you and we’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure that you can easily opt out of each of these areas.  No need to use the Darkest Dark theme nor inline search if you don’t want to.  However, in our own usage, we’ve been amazed at how much we’ve begun to rely on these features in house.  All that said, we greatly value our users’ feedback and will continue to be available to answer any questions you may have about using these new features. And, please know, without a doubt, that in the coming months you will be similarly excited with what the inclusion of DevStyle will continue to bring to Webclipse & Angular IDE and – more importantly – the sorts of features that it will unlock over time!

We don’t take this undertaking lightly and we hope that you’ll stick along for the ride, as we work to take development in Eclipse to a new level.  One of our active users was kind enough to drop this tweet over to us and, in many ways, it sums up precisely what we are trying to achieve!


With that said, have a great day and happy DevStyling!