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Posted on Aug 6th 2020

CodeTogether 2.1 is a small, quick update that includes important fixes as well as new capabilities selected from your requests. We’ve added highlighting for a few additional languages, the ability to upload files to the host, and you can now prevent sensitive files and folders from being seen by participants. If you’re an IntelliJ user it is highly recommended you upgrade to this release to pick up a key fix for the Coding Alone mode. Read on for the details.

Highlighting for Elixir, Dart, and COBOL

We’re continuing to add syntax highlighting support for new (& sometimes old!) languages to the browser.

Hide Files and Folders

If you’ve wanted to prevent participants from having access to certain files or folders in the session, now you can create a .codetogether.ignore file in the root of the project. Simple wildcard based patterns can be used to match files and folders to exclude from the session. In future releases, we will work towards a more powerful globbing syntax. Please see this bug for details.

Note: If you update the .codetogether.ignore file, please remember to restart the session for the changes to take effect.

DnD to Upload Files to Host

Need to upload a file to the host environment? Just drag and drop a file anywhere in the folder hierarchy in your Explorer view and it shall be done. And yes, we transfer the contents using end-to-end encryption.

IntelliJ 2020.2

In case you missed it, our last minor update, CodeTogether 2.0.1 released a week ago, added support for the latest version of IntelliJ.

Key Fixes & Enhancements

Use View > Toggle Word Wrap to wrap your text.

On Eclipse, in some cases, an inconsequential BadLocationException would get repeatedly logged while a participant was actively editing. This will no longer happen.

IntelliJ Specific Fixes

This release fixes a bug whereby someone coding on a remote system in “alone” mode against an IntelliJ host could get into states where the remote edits did not apply on the host. If you are using CodeTogether with IntelliJ/JetBrains-IDEs, it is highly recommended you upgrade to this release.

If a participant invoked a quick fix import action involving multiple classes, the quick fix dialog would appear on the host too; this has been fixed.

Files/folders that were excluded under a given module are now correctly hidden from participants as well.

VS Code Specific Fixes

  • Behind a proxy? You can now start a CodeTogether session.
  • If your project had a space in its name, navigation using the Outline view would not work, it now does.
  • A go to definition failure for some constructs could result in further file-open operations to fail. This navigation action will now work reliably.

As always, thank you for the support and feedback, send us a shout on Twitter, or if you’d like to catch our team live, drop in on our CodeTogether Gitter community. If you like working with CodeTogether, please do us a favor and tell your friends and colleagues about us – thank you!

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