SQL Server & Sybase Features

Extended features include procedures, functions, triggers, and views.  Here you will learn about:

  • Getting additional SQL server and sybase features
  • Node types and features

This feature is available in MyEclipse.

1. Get Additional SQL Server and Sybase Features

The extended SQL Server and Sybase features  described in this document are not available to MyEclipse  Standard subscribers. Extended features currently cover procedures, functions, triggers, and views.

Overview of extended SQL Server nodes in MyEclipse

2. Node Types & Features


Generate DDL for views

View info


Open procedure

Procedure info

Run procedure

Function (SQL Server Only)

Open function

Function info

Run function


Open trigger

Trigger info

Show sp_help

The Show ‘sp_help’ action returns additonal information for any object and displays it in the SQL Results view. It is demonstrated here with a Procedure node.

Show ‘sp_help’

3. Resources