Using Inline Search

The Inline Search in DevStyle replaces the traditional Eclipse find and replace dialog, providing a search experience that is far more efficient and unintrusive—a tool that won’t interrupt your development workflow.

DevStyle is available as an Eclipse plugin and is also included in MyEclipse.

Also available in CodeMix & Angular IDE.

Select Inline Search Preferences

Inline Search is included automatically when you enable DevStyle; however, you have the ability to enable or disable this feature at any time.

  1. Go to Window>Preferences>DevStyle>Inline Search.
  2. Clear the Use the Inline Search checkbox to use the standard Eclipse search or select the checkbox to use the DevStyle search.

    Enabling the DevStyle Inline Search
  3. Click Apply, and then click OK.

Using the Inline Search and Replace

Searching for Text

To use Inline Search, press Ctrl+F within any text editor, and then type the text you wish to search for. All instances of the text are highlighted in the editor and the number of occurrences is displayed. You can use the Next or Previous arrows to navigate the found text. You also have the option to narrow your search using the following options: Case Sensitive, Match Whole Word, and Regular Expression Search.

Inline Search options

If you select a block of text before invoking the Inline Search, the search only applies to the selection. To clear the selection, close the Inline Search or press Ctrl+F from within the editor.


To use the classic Eclipse Find/Replace dialog box, press Ctrl+F from the Inline Search box.

Replacing Text

To replace text, click the down-arrow to the left of the Search box to display the Replace options. Type the replacement text, and then select the Replace and Find Next button or the Replace All button.

Key Bindings

Use the following key binding reference to quickly search for text across your file and optionally initiate replacements as well.

Function Key Binding
Close Dialog Esc
Next Match Ctrl+K
Previous Match Ctrl+Shift+K
Enable Replace Tab
Replace One Alt+Shift+1
Replace All Alt+Shift+Enter
Open Classic Find/Replace Ctrl+F, Ctrl+F

DevStyle was introduced in MyEclipse CI 2018.8.0 and the 2017 CI 9 release of Webclipse (now CodeMix) and Angular IDE.