Addressing End-User Assistance Requests

To aid in providing quick support to your users, you have the option to allow end users to submit assistance requests pertaining to issues with their installation. This capability is enabled as part of the Security policy for a package. The User Assistance page allows you to manage those assistance requests.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Manage assistance requests from users

When an assistance request comes from an end user, a notification appears in the Admin Console.

  1. Click the notification to open the User Assistance page, or click User Assistance in the navigation.

    Pending assistance request notification.

    The Assistance Requests list displays all open requests. When you select an item in the list, the details of the request appear.

    User Assistance page
  2. Select a request, and click download_icon to download a request bundle file for viewing before contacting the user.
  3. To add comments regarding the request, click edit_arguments_icon, and enter a comment. All comments are listed in the Admin Comments section.

    Adding admin comments
  4. To close one or more assistance requests, select the checkbox beside the request(s), and click close_ticket_icon. The status changes to Closed.

    To delete requests, select the checkbox beside one or more requests, and click remove_icon.