Configuring a Delegation Policy

With the Advanced Team Delegation features of SDC, administrators can split package administration responsibilities with team leads. This method of administration uses a special type of policy called a Delegation Policy. Before beginning this tutorial, familiarize yourself with the Advanced Team Delegation concepts.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Create a new delegation policy

When using advanced team delegation features, you must set a delegation policy for principal packages. The Delegation policy specifies the various package administration activities you want to allow team leads to have when maintaining their team packages.

  1. Click Delegation Policies under Advanced Teams in the Admin Console navigation.

    Note: To edit settings for an existing policy, select the policy in the Delegation Policies section.

    Setting a Delegation policy
  2. Click addIcon in the Delegation Policies section to create a new policy, or click duplicate_pkg_icon to create a new policy by duplicating another.

    The Delegation Policies section lists the delegation policies available for use. These are listed in the Delegation Policy drop-down list when selecting a policy for a principal package. When you select a policy in the list, the Used In section displays the packages that use the policy.

    To remove a policy, select it, and click remove_icon. Before removing a policy, be sure no packages use the policy.
    To make a policy the default, select it, and click set_default_icon. However, before you can make a policy the default, you must first roll out the policy by promoting it.
  3. Enter a title for the delegation policy, and click OK. This title appears in the Delegation Policy drop-down list on the package’s Configuration tab. The title also appears in the Title field of the Selected Delegation Policy section.
  4. On the Configuration page, use the toggle switches to indicate the tasks group admins have access to when managing their team’s package.

    Configuring group admin task access
  5. Click Runtime to set the runtime-related tasks group admins are allowed to manage. Also, use the Auto-Promote Secondary Packages setting to specify whether or not secondary packages are promoted automatically each time you promote the linked principal package.

    Configuring runtime settings