Managing Principal Packages

With the Advanced Team Delegation features of SDC, administrators can split package administration responsibilities with team leads. This method of administration uses special packages called principal and secondary packages. Before beginning this tutorial, familiarize yourself with the Advanced Team Delegation concepts.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Create a principal package
  • Convert a principal package to a standalone package

1. Creating a Principal Package

A principal package is set up with policies and configurations you want to enforce across all teams using associated secondary packages. Have those policies and settings in mind when creating a principal package.

  1. Create either an Eclipse IDE package or a MyEclipse package with the configuration you want to enforce across teams.
  2. Commit and promote the package.
  3. Click Team Packages in the Admin Console navigation.

    Opening the Team Packages page
  4. In the Principal Packages area, click migrate_to_principal_icon.

    Converting a standalone package to a principal package
  5. Select the standalone package you want to convert, and select the delegation policy to apply. If you have not yet created a delegation policy, you can select the default policy and change it later by clicking change_del_pol_icon.

    Selecting a delegation policy
  6. Click OK.

2. Converting a Principal Package to a Standalone

If you no longer want to use a principal package and want to convert it to a standalone, you must be sure no secondary packages are associated with the principal package.

  1. Click Team Packages in the Admin Console navigation.

    Opening the Team Packages page
  2. Select the package, and click convert_principal_icon. The package is removed from the Team Packages page and is reverted to a standalone package.