Providing Team Leads with Admin Rights

Team leads receive admin rights when you assign them as a group administrator. The package management tasks allowed group admins are specified in the delegation policy associated with the secondary packages in their group. In the Admin Console, group admins can see only the packages available to the groups they administrate, and all tasks disallowed by the delegation policy are disabled.

Disabled tasks for group admins

Allowing Access to Global Tasks

You can give team leads access to broader tasks that are system wide. These include access to third-party library installation, the ability to create standalone and secondary packages, and access to managing user assistance requests.

For example, you might want only central admins to be able to evaluate, test, and install third-party libraries, so you disable this setting for group admins. But, you might want group admins to help in handling the user assistance requests that come in from their group.

To access global settings for group admins, click System in the navigation, and select the Global Settings tab.

Global settings for group admins