Requesting API Token Access

To enable the use of Ant tasks to automate actions within SDC, you must request a token from the Admin Console. This token provides limited access to the delivery hub for performing automated third-party library import and package promotion. Those building the proprietary plugin should integrate the custom Ant tasks into their scripts such that building the plugin triggers the loading of the artifacts via SDC. In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Request an API token

Ant tasks are an extensible framework for automating builds. See more about Ant at http://ant.apache.org/. Automating these tasks is useful if you have a proprietary plugin, and you want to include the plugin as part of one or more packages managed through SDC. The available tasks are:

  • sdc-login
  • sdc-import-library
  • sdc-remove-library
  • sdc-promote-package

The example below defines the sdc-login task:

<typedef name="sdc-login"

See Ant Tasks for Automated SDC Integration for details on using the SDC Ant tasks.

  1. Click System under Administration in the Admin Console navigation.
  2. On the System Administration page, click the Advanced tab.

    Advanced system settings
  3. Click Request Token.

    Requesting a token
  4. Enter a passphrase that you will use within your Ant scripts along with the token, and click OK. A window appears displaying your token, and the token is also placed on the Clipboard for pasting into Ant scripts or in a document for safekeeping.