SMS Integration

Secure Delivery Center is designed to work in conjunction with traditional SMS systems allowing you to automatically distribute software to end-users’ desktops. To facilitate SMS integration, SDC allows the SDC-built installers to be run silently, such that the SMS system can push down the installer, run it silently, then clean up the installer without end-user involvement.

Once installed, the SDC-based installations are able to connect back to the delivery hub so changes to desktop installations can still be efficiently rolled out via the SDC communication channels without requiring every update to to be distributed via the SMS system. However, SDC does not prohibit the pushing of updates exclusively via the SMS infrastructure.

The typical workflow to use when deploying software via SMS involves:

  1. Building and testing the package locally via the Admin Console.
  2. Promoting a working installer with a Bundled or Network-Based access policy enabled.
  3. Performing final QA including a silent installation using the bundled or network-based installer.
  4. Providing the bundled or network-based installer to the SMS team with a sample response file (see Silent Installation).
  5. Pushing out the installer at the desired time via the SMS system to the target desktops.
  6. Updates can be promoted from the Admin Console and are immediately available to installed desktops.

The portal provides SMS distribution instructions. Access the instructions from the Timeline tab of the package you want to distribute.

sdc17smsSMS distribution instructions on the portal