Managing Licenses

Each software installation requires a license. License maintenance with SDC does not require admins to enter license keys on each desktop to activate software, nor does the end user have to enter the key. Licensing and activation are done from SDC.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Manage license information

When you purchase licenses, you are given a license (.licensepack) file that provides SDC not only with the license keys, but activation information, as well. You need only add the license to the pool by navigating to the license file – SDC does the rest. When licenses expire, or you make license changes based on your licensing needs, you receive a new license file that replaces the old.

  1. Click System under Administration in the Admin Console navigation.

    System Administration 
    The System-Wide Licenses section is where you provide all license keys for your software. When you add licensing information, SDC automatically ties licenses to the associated software packs. You can see the license usage metrics on the Software Details page so you are aware of your licensing compliance. If you need to request an evaluation license or replace a lost license file, you can click request_license_icon to request an evaluation or replacement license.
  2. Click addIcon in the System-Wide Licenses section.
  3. Navigate to the .licensepack file, and click Open.
  4. Select a license to view the details. Click the link in the System Licenses Usage section to view details of the computers using the licenses. To revoke a selected user, click remove_icon. This removes the user from the license pool. If the client reappears on the network, it will be automatically reallocated to the license pool.
    To export the usage information, click export_icon.