Managing User Accounts

System users are required to be set up only if they are a system administrator or if they belong to a private delivery group, which requires user authentication. See Configuring Delivery Groups for steps on specifying group members and group admins.

If you are using external authentication, user management is disabled. See External Users Extension for more information.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Add a user
  • Delete a user
  • Edit user information
  1. Click Users under Administration in the Admin Console navigation.

    System administration – Users tab
  2. Click addIcon, and enter a user ID, name, password, password confirmation, and select the Authorize level.

    Portal access—Select this option to assign access to the Reports and Setup pages in the portal. The user will not be able to edit packages.

    System admin—Select this option if the user is a system administrator. When you purchase SDC, you specify the number of administrator licenses you need. Administrators have access to SDC and can configure and maintain installation packages for your end users. Administrators have the Admin Console installed on their machines and can access it using the user name and password entered here.

    Adding a user
  3. Click OK. Administrators appear in the Administrators section. Select a user in the list to view details. For non-administrators, perform a search in the All Users section.

User details indicate if the user is an admin and/or a group admin, and to which delivery groups the user has been added. Group admins are designated in delivery group configuration.

To edit a user’s information, select the user, and click edit_arguments_icon to enter updated information.

To delete a user, select the user and click remove_icon. For non-administrators, perform a search in the All Users section.