Branding a Package

    When creating packages, you can add branding, which will display on the end-user portal page.

    Package branding

    Branding Information

    The Branding section displays the title, delivery group, and description you gave the package when you created it. You can make changes to these defaults, if necessary. The short title should be a short description of your package that contains no spaces. Deselect the checkbox to have a short title generated for you based on the long title. This title is used in filenames and URLs to distinguish this package from others.

    The version you specify in the Version field appears on the first page of the installer created when you promote the package. Deselect the checkbox to auto-fill the software version.

    If you are delivering an RCP product, the Branding section of an Eclipse package allows you to indicate the package is for RCP. This adds an RCP Product tab to the package setup.


      If you have an icon you would like to use to visually differentiate this package from others, drag it from your file explorer into the Drop Here box. Alternatively, you can click searchIcon and locate the file on your system. The image should be 64×64 pixels.

      To remove an image, click remove_icon.

      You can do the same to add a portal page branding image. The portal page image should be 70 pixels high and no more than 400 pixels wide.

      If you do not supply an icon, a default icon is used. This icon appears on the software details page in the Admin Console, as well as on the portal web page. If you do not supply a portal page image, the portal page displays no image.