Setting Up Drag-to-Install for On-Demand Packages

Eclipse’s Drag-to-Install feature needs to know where to find your company’s SDC delivery hub (server) so on-demand packages can be installed. Therefore, you must do some initial setup that allows the Drag-to-Install feature to work. You have two methods¬†for providing your server information to the Drag-to-Install feature.

Method 1
The first method is optimal because it handles requests without going outside your firewall. If you have access to manage DNS entries for your organization, you can have Drag-to-Install search DNS looking for a DNS TXT record structured as:

_gsdc._marketplace.foo.com (.foo.com being any domain or subdomain you want to map to your server)

The content for the TXT record would be the URI to the on-demand site to use, such as “http://sdc.foo.com/fooondemand”.

Method 2
The second method handles requests by accessing Genuitec.com for your SDC server information. Use this method if you do not have access to manage DNS entries or you prefer to have Genuitec handle the requests.

Using this method, you must provide to Genuitec the URL to your site, including the hostnames that should map back to your URL,
such as *.foo.com, e.g. http://sdc.foo.com/fooondemand. Email support@genuitec.com with the URL and hostname information to have the mapping set up on your behalf.

Note: If you enable both, DNS configuration takes precedence.