Migrate RAD Projects to MyEclipse

This tutorial outlines the process of migrating IBM® RAD projects for use in MyEclipse. MyEclipse migrates projects that are RAD 6.x and WSAD 5.x (or higher) so they work in both MyEclipse and RAD simultaneously, removing the requirement of one-way migration. Migrate RAD projects to MyEclipse and continue using them in both IDEs.

In this tutorial, you will learn to:

  • Migrate an imported RAD project
Migrating RAD projects requires a MyEclipse Blue or Bling subscription.

1. Import and Migrate RAD Projects

The Project Migration wizard can be executed if you have any WSAD 5.1 (or higher) or RAD 6 (or higher) projects located in your workspace. This wizard migrates all project types supported by MyEclipse.

  1. Import the WSAD or RAD project into your workspace. For EAR projects, be sure all EAR module projects included in the EAR are also imported into your workspace.
  2. When importing a RAD project, you are prompted to migrate the project(s). Click Next to continue.
    Migrate RAD projects - migration wizard
    Migrating a RAD project
  3. Select the project. If the server connector associated with the project’s targeted runtime is not configured, errors appear in the Problems list. If you are continuing to use the server associated with the project, browse for the sever installation directory to resolve the issue.
    Migrate RAD projects - migration wizard
    Adding a new runtime
    Otherwise, select Add new runtime from the Target runtime drop-down to configure a different connector. This tutorial adds a new runtime configuration for WebSphere 8.5.
    Migrate RAD projects - migration wizard
    Adding a new runtime
  4. Expand WebSphere Application Server, select the application server connector you want to configure, and click Next.
    Migrate RAD projects - WebSphere runtime
    Selecting connector
  5. Click Browse, and navigate to the WebSphere installation, folder, and click Next.
    Migrate RAD projects - WebSphere runtime
    Runtime configuration
  6. Select from a list of profiles found in your installation folder, and enter security credentials (if security is enabled) so MyEclipse can connect to the profile.
    Migrate RAD projects - WebSphere runtime
    Adding a server instance
  7. Click Finish to complete adding the target runtime, and click Finish to begin the migration.
    Migrate RAD projects - migration wizard
    Selecting target runtime

The migrated project appears in the Project Explorer.

Migrate RAD projects - migrated project
Imported and migrated project

The Targeted Runtimes property page allows you to switch the WebSphere runtime container associated with your project to one provided by a different version of WebSphere. This makes migrating projects between WebSphere versions easier.

Target WebSphere Server property

2. Workspace Migration View

When you import a project that requires migration, the Migration wizard is invoked automatically. However, if you have one or more projects in your workspace that require migration (i.e., you canceled out of the Migration wizard before completing), you can use the Workspace Migration view to begin the migration process on those projects.

To open the Workspace Migration view, select Window>Show View>Other. Type migration in the filter field, select Workspace Migration, and click OK.

Migrate RAD projects - migration view
Project Migration view

To open the Migration wizard, select the project you want to migrate, and click  on the Workspace Migration view toolbar.