Licensing and Activating CodeMix

Evaluating CodeMix

CodeMix includes a 45 day free trial. After 30 days, you are required to connect CodeMix to your account on genuitec.com to unlock the full 45 days. To connect your account, select Help > CodeMix > Update License and click Login.

Login to an existing account, or if you don’t have an account on genuitec.com, click Register a new account.

Registering a New Account

You can register for a new account within CodeMix as described above, or create a new account on the portal. If you use the portal, ensure you use the same account in your CodeMix installation.

After registering a new account, check your email for an account activation email and click the link within to activate your account. You will need to enable your license in CodeMix. If you get the CodeMix Access dialog, click Check Access to connect to your genuitec.com account. Otherwise, select Help > CodeMix > Update License and click Check Access.

After the 45 day trial, you must purchase a license to continue to use CodeMix. We offer several affordable plans—refer to the pricing page for details.

Existing Genuitec Customers

If you are already a Genuitec customer, your Angular IDE or MyEclipse (Pro and higher) license can be used with CodeMix—no additional purchase is necessary.

You can also install CodeMix into any Eclipse installation and reuse your existing license as a CodeMix commercial license. See the commercial license section below.

License Types

CodeMix can be used either with a personal or commercial license. The personal license is best used by individual developers, and the license is automatically managed through your account on genuitec.com—we offer both 30-day and annual plans.

The commercial license is more suited for team use, especially for ease of license management behind corporate firewalls.

Note: if you have an existing Genuitec license for MyEclipse or Angular IDE, whether Personal or Commercial, you will enter that license as a commercial license to use it in CodeMix. 

To purchase a new license, personal or commercial, click here.

Activating a Personal License

After purchasing a personal license, it is automatically applied to CodeMix in most situations. If not, select Help > CodeMix > Update License. The next step depends on your situation:

  • If you get the following message, login to your Genuitec account to apply your license to CodeMix.

  • If you get the following message, click Unlock to apply your license to CodeMix.

  • If you get the following message, click Check Access to apply your license to CodeMix.

  • If you get the following message, click Login and login to your Genuitec account to apply your license to CodeMix.

Note: If you don’t have internet access, you can contact sales@genuitec.com to request a key.  See the commercial license section below for more information on managing your license with a key. 

Deactivating a Personal License

To deactivate your personal license, login to your account on genuitec.com, select My Profile from the menu bar, and then click the CodeMix Systems tab. Each system associated with your account is listed. You can click the Deactivate button to stop associating your CodeMix personal license with a particular system. Learn more about license usage and restrictions

 Activating a Commercial License

  1. Select Help > CodeMix >Update License and click Enter Key.

    Note: If your license is expired, you will get an Unlock CodeMix message instead. Click the Enter it now link to get to the CodeMix Access dialog box above.

  2. Enter the Subscriber name and Subscription Code received with your purchase, and then click Apply.

  3. For unrestricted access, this license must be activated within 5 days. Select the activation method and click Continue. We recommend using the automated mode for the most seamless activation experience. 

    Note: If you don’t have internet access, select the Web activation option and click Continue.  A custom URL is provided. Open that URL on a computer with internet access, and then click Activate to retrieve an activation code. In CodeMix, click Continue from the Web Activation Process dialog box, paste in the activation code, and then click Done.

  4. Your license dialog now correctly displays your access details.

License Usage and Restrictions

The following list outlines the proper use and restrictions of your CodeMix subscription license:

  • The single-user license enables the user to operate up to 2 instances of CodeMix on the same development machine at a time.
  • If a user has more than 1 development machine, it is okay to install the same license into two CodeMix installations.  However, you may only operate CodeMix on 1 development machine at any given time subject to the restrictions of #1.
  • The single-user license is to be used only by the owner of the subscription. No other users are allowed to use your subscription key. Low cost group licenses are available for multi-user environments.
  • A group key can be used by up to the specified number of users in a group subscription.
  • A group key is not a floating user key. The number of licenses in the group key should match the number of developers using CodeMix over an extended period of time. For example, 20 users cannot share a 15 user key. Buyers must purchase the number of licenses to match the number of developers.