Licensing and Activating Webclipse

Note: Webclipse licenses are compatible with CodeMix, the next generation of Webclipse

1. Activating Your License

  1. Select Help>Webclipse>Update License from the menu bar in your Eclipse IDE.
  2. Copy the Subscriber ID from the email you received, and paste it into the Subscriber ID field exactly as provided.
  3. Copy the Subscription Code from the email, and paste it into the Subscription code field with no leading or extra spaces. The subscription details appear in the Validation area if you entered the information correctly, and you are ready to activate your license

    Entering license information
  4. Click Enable Now, and then continue with the activation method you prefer (details follow). 

    Activation options

1.1 Automatic Activation

The easiest and recommended activation method is automated activation. You are required to have an internet connection on the machine running Webclipse.

  1. Select Automated activation.
  2. Click Activate Now.
    Note: If you need to postpone activation for some reason, click Activate Later. You can do this for 5 days.
  3. Enter your email address, or to opt out, click Skip Email, and click Activate Now.
  4. When activation completes, click Close on the Activation Successful window.

1.2 Web Activation

Web activation is an alternative to automated activation. This allows you to perform the activation process manually, performing the activation from a web browser. You can use this method to activate if the machine running Webclipse does not have internet access.

  1. Select Web activation.
  2. Click Activate Now.
  3. Select the Web activation option, and click Activate Now.
  4. Enter your email address, or to opt out, click Skip Email, and click Activate Now.
  5. To manually activate using the browser, click Open in Browser. If you need to activate from another machine with internet access, click Copy URL, paste it into a text file for transfer to another machine. From there, open the URL in a browser.
    URL for retrieving activation code
  6. Click Activate on the web page displayed. The License Code and System ID Code fields are already filled in for you.
  7. On the resulting page, click Copy to Clipboard to copy the activation code presented. If you are on a different machine than the one on which you are activating Webclipse, you must transfer this code back to the Webclipse machine.
  8. In Webclipse, click Enter Code, and paste the copied code into the Activation Code field.
  9. Click Activate Now.
  10. When activation completes, click Close on the Activation Successful window.

If the Web activation process occurs on another machine, as described in step 5 above, it might not be possible to perform the entire web activation process in one session. In this case, ensure the activation code displayed on the web page is saved for later use. When you open Webclipse, start the activation process again. On the first screen of the wizard, select the “I already have an activation code” option. This displays the activation code entry window, as shown in step 8.

2. Viewing Subscription Details

To view your subscription details select Help>Webclipse>Update License.

3. License Usage and Restrictions

The following lists outlines the proper use and restrictions of your Webclipse subscription license:

    • Since Webclipse’s introduction, the single-user license enables the user to operate up to 2 instances of Webclipse on the same development machine at a time. 
    • If a user has more than 1 development machine, it is okay to install the same license into two Webclipse installations.  However, you may only operate Webclipse on 1 development machine at any given time subject to the restrictions of #1.
    • The single-user license is to be used only by the owner of the subscription. No other users are allowed to use your subscription key. Low cost group licenses are available for multi-user environments.
    • A group key can be used by up to the specified number of users in a group subscription.
    • A group key is not a floating user key. The number of licenses in the group key should match the number of developers using Webclipse over an extended period of time. For example, 20 users can not share a 15 user key. Buyers should plan to purchase the number of licenses to match the number of developers.

4. FAQ

I have forgotten my password to Genuitec.com. How do I retrieve it? 

  1. Go to the Genuitec.com login page, and click the Lost your password? link.
  2. Provide your UserName or email, and click Reset Password.  You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password.
  3. Enter a new password, and click Save.

I lost my subscription information. How can I get this information?

  1. Log into Genuitec.com.
  2. Click Products in the menu, and then click MyAccount.
  3. Select the My Licenses link.
  4. Click the Resend Key link. You will receive a copy of the original email notification that includes the access key.