Enterprise Reporting Resources for Developers – MyEclipse Reports™

Because MyEclipse Reports™ is based on the open-source Eclipse BIRT framework, the majority of BIRT report design techniques, tips and best practices are applicable when developing reports with MyEclipse Reports. Whether your are an advanced report developer or just getting started, you can learn more about MyEclipse Reports at the following enterprise reporting resources.

Examples On-Demand – is a free service that provides developers an ever growing catalog of ready-to-run example applications. These example applications demonstrate how to get started with MyEclipse Reports as well as many other popular programming technologies and frameworks, such as Ajax frameworks, JSP, JSF, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, and EJB3.

Each of the Examples On-Demand applications are designed to run directly on the server-sandbox provided in MyEclipse with zero configuration and can be downloaded directly into MyEclipse with a 1-click installation process from the EoD Browser.

BIRT-Exchange –  a community site for Eclipse BIRT and Actuate BIRT developers who are adding reporting, analytics and business intelligence capabilities to Java applications. BIRT Exchange allows developers to share code samples, report designs, technical articles, as well as tips and tricks. BIRT Exchange also offers forums, downloads, online documentation, and information on BIRT technical support.

BIRT – A Field Guide to Reporting – this book presents information about how to develop and customize reports of progressive complexity using BIRT Report Designer.

Enterprise Report Development Support and Consulting – If you have specific report development or support needs, please contact Genuitec to learn more about our report development services and partners.