Installing SWT / Swing Designer

SWT / Swing Designer is included in your MyEclipse installation as an optional component. SWT/Swing Designer replaces the deprecated Matisse4MyEclipse. This tutorial shows you how to install the component. You will learn how to:

  • Install the SWT/Swing Designer component
  • Access the Designer
This feature is available in MyEclipse.

1. Install the SWT / Swing Components

  1. Select Help>Choose Components.
  2. Expand Enterprise in the Not Selected area, and select the Swing Designer and SWT Designer components.

    Selecting optional components
  3. Click move_right_icon to add the components to the Selected area, and click Apply Changes.

    Adding SWT components to your installation
  4. Restart MyEclipse for the change to take effect.

2. Access the Designer

  1. Select a project in the Explorer, click the drop-down arrow , and select a component to create.
    Creating a new SWT/Swing component
  2. Click Next to enter the details for the component using the wizard.

For additional information on using SWT/Swing Designer, see the WindowBuilder Pro User Guide.