Testing a Web Service Using a Standard Browser

The easiest way to test a REST service is using the MyEclipse REST Web Services Explorer available with a Professional subscription level or higher. The following steps provide an alternative REST web service testing method.

  1. Open http://localhost:<port>/<project name>/jaxrs/<your url path>/0 in your browser to see the first record in XML.

    Retrieving the one customer in the list

  2. To add a customer to the list, you need to send customer data to the service via an HTTP POST request. You can use a Firefox extension like Poster to make the request as shown below.

    Sending data via HTTP POST request

  3. Open http://localhost:<port>/<project name>/jaxrs/<your url path> in your browser to get a list of all records in XML.

    Retrieving the entire customer list

    Note: The default port number for the MyEclipse Tomcat server is 8080. If you deployed your application to an application server other than MyEclipse Tomcat, use the port in the above links corresponding to your application server.