Web Services FAQ

Problems Accessing the WSDL File

    • If you use a proxy server to connect to the Internet, make sure the Window>Preferences>General>Network Connections page has the required proxy settings configured.

    • If you are attempting to generate web services against a secure URL (HTTPS), please check your JDK’s security properties. By default, MyEclipse uses the IBM JDK, which is part of your WebSphere installation unless otherwise configured. The properties for this JDK can be found in the the java.security file in the JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security folder.

      A common error with the IBM JDK is:


      This can be corrected by adding the following property to the java.security file:

    • If you still experience issues generating against a remote WSDL file, use a browser to copy the file onto your machine and point the wizards to the local copy instead.

Why do JAX-WS web services work out-of-the-box with MyEclipse Tomcat and not normal Tomcat?

JAX-WS is part of the Java EE 5 specification. If you are deploying a JAX-WS web service to a fully compliant Java EE 5 server (like Glassfish), you don’t need to do any extra work in MyEclipse to make that work. However, some very popular application servers (like Jetty and Tomcat) do not support the complete Java EE 5 spec and need the JAX-WS libraries deployed along with the project (or installed directly into the app server’s lib folder) for JAX-WS web services to load and run.

MyEclipse includes the JAX-WS reference implementation in the embedded MyEclipse Tomcat server to make the experience of writing, testing and debugging JAX-WS web services much faster in MyEclipse. For clear instructions on how to handle deployment requirements for external servers that may not include the JAX-WS libraries, see Adding JAX-WS Libraries to Your Build Path.