IntelliSense in CodeMix

IntelliSense is a general term for a variety of code editing features including: code completion (a.k.a. content-assist), parameter info, quick info, and member lists. 

The CodeMix plugin is compatible with Eclipse-based IDEs and tools—like MyEclipse, Spring Tools Suite, and JBoss Tools—so you can continue working in the environment you are accustomed to.

Supported Languages

CodeMix includes IntelliSense for JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, Less, and Sass out of the box. CodeMix supports word based completions for any programming language but can also be configured to have richer IntelliSense by installing a language extension. IntelliSense offers different types of completions, including language server suggestions, snippets, and simple word based textual completions.


IntelliSense features are powered by a language service. A language service provides intelligent code completions based on language semantics and an analysis of your source code. If a language service knows possible completions, the IntelliSense suggestions pop up as you type. If you continue typing characters, the list of members (variables, methods, etc.) is filtered to include only members containing your typed characters. Press Tab or Enter to insert the selected member.

Invoke IntelliSense in any editor window by pressing Ctrl+Space or by typing a trigger character (such as the dot character (.) in JavaScript).

Tip: The suggestions widget supports CamelCase filtering meaning you can type the letters that are uppercased in a method name to limit the suggestions. For example, “cra” will quickly bring up “createApplication”.

If you prefer, you can turn off IntelliSense while you type. Refer to this doc to learn how to disable or customize IntelliSense features.

When a method is selected, you are provided with parameter info as well as documentation. When keying in parameters, hints help you choose between different possible method signatures, and provide documentation corresponding to the parameter being entered.

Tip: Parameter hints default to summary. For detailed hints, change your Parameter Hints Verbosity preference to detailed on the CodeMix>Editors>Content Assist preference page. 

Errors and Warnings

Errors and warnings can be generated by rich language services or by linters that constantly analyze your code in the background. Warnings and errors show up in multiple places:

  • In the Markers view.
  • If you open a file that has errors or warnings, they will be rendered inline with the text and in the overview ruler.

Quick Fixes

Warnings and Errors can provide Quick Fixes to help fix issues. These will be displayed in the editor in the left margin as a light bulb. Clicking on the light bulb will either display the Code Action options or perform the action.

Code Mining and Find References

Code mining provides valuable context information by displaying the number of references and implementations inline with your code. This works hand in hand with Find References, which lets you quickly view and navigate to references in your code. 

Select your preferences on the CodeMix>Editors>Code Mining preference page. 

Documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Original work from vscode-docs GitHub repository has been modified.