Using the DevStyle Enhanced Startup

DevStyle is not just a new set of themes. It also includes a totally revamped startup experience with an intuitive UI that helps you quickly get to work.

DevStyle is available as an Eclipse plugin and is also included in MyEclipse.

Also available in CodeMix & Angular IDE.

The DevStyle enhanced startup includes four pages designed to give you what you need to get up and running quickly. Use the navigation pane on the left side of the window to quickly jump to the page you need.

Note: The 2017 CI 9 release of Angular IDE also includes a Start page that lets you quickly start a new web application or backend service.

Launch Page

The Launch page helps you quickly start something new or jump back into your most recent project.

DevStyle Launch page

Recent Workspaces

This area on the Launch page lists up to five of your recently used workspaces. Click a workspace from the list to launch the workspace, or press Enter to launch the most recently used workspace.

Use the New link to create a new workspace, or launch an existing workspace that hasn’t been launched with DevStyle.

Creating a new workspace from the Launch page

Note: DevStyle does not scan your system for Eclipse workspaces. You must use the New link to add workspaces before they are included on the Launch page. After adding the workspace through the DevStyle enhanced startup experience, the workspace is included in the Recent Workspaces list on the Launch page; recently edited files are included in the Recent Changes list. 

Recent Changes

This area lists the most recently modified files (across all known workspaces), including the date when the file was last modified. Click a file in the list to start the corresponding workspace and open the selected file. All open files in the last session of that workspace are also opened.


Options in this area allow you to import existing projects into your workspace, locally or through Git.  You also have the option to stop using the DevStyle startup experience.

  • Add a local project—Click this link to import a project on your file system into your most recently used workspace. The workspace is launched, and then an intelligent import process is used to import your project into the current workspace.
  • Clone a Git repository—Click this link to import from Git. Specify the URL to a Git repository, as well as the workspace into which to clone it. On starting the workspace, a more advanced Git import process will be initiated for the project at this URL.

    Importing from a Git repository
  • Turn it off—Click this link to turn off the DevStyle Startup Experience and go back to the regular Eclipse workspace prompt. You can always enable the enhanced startup again at a later time.

Workspaces Page

DevStyle Workspaces page

This page lists up to nine of your most recently used workspaces, along with details on when they were last accessed. Click the workspace link to launch the workspace. You also have other options related to the workspace:

  • Open in explorer—Hover over the workspace path and an icon  appears to the right of the path. You can click the icon to open the workspace in the system explorer.
  • Use as default—Click this link to set the workspace as the default. The default workspace opens immediately on subsequent restarts without displaying the Enhanced Startup.
  • Forget—Click this link to remove a workspace from DevStyle’s “memory”. It will no longer be listed in the Enhanced Startup dialog, and files accessed in this workspace no longer appear in the Recent Changes list. To add the workspace back to DevStyle, click the New link on the Launch page.
  • Browse—Click this link to browse to an existing workspace that hasn’t yet been launched with DevStyle or type a path to create a new workspace. Click Launch to launch the workspace, DevStyle remembers this workspace in subsequent launches.

Recent Page

The Recent page includes a list of the one hundred most recently modified files, across all the workspaces that DevStyle is aware of. This list, along with the list on the Launch page, is collated using a combination of file modification data that we save as well as the data that is already provided by Eclipse. 

DevStyle Recent page

Use the Filter field to easily find a file of interest by name.

Filtering the DevStyle list of recently modified files

How To Page

This page displays documentation that typically corresponds to the features you have installed. Click a link to open documentation from the learning center in an external browser.

DevStyle How To page

DevStyle was introduced in MyEclipse CI 2018.8.0 and the 2017 CI 9 release of Webclipse (now CodeMix) and Angular IDE.