Using DevStyle Themes

DevStyle themes allow you to customize the workbench to be uniquely you! Whether you prefer a light background with bright icons or a dark background with pastel colors, you can fine tune the workbench to your exact vision—even down to specific hues.

DevStyle is available as an Eclipse plugin and is also included in MyEclipse.

Also available in CodeMix & Angular IDE.

Customizing the DevStyle Theme

  1. Go to Window>Preferences>DevStyle>Color Themes.

    Customizing the DevStyle theme
  2. Select the Workbench theme. The workbench preview is updated with your selection.
    Note: If you select Dark Custom or Light Custom, you have the option to enter HSL values to customize the color.
  3. Select the Icon Colors. The workbench preview is updated with your selection.
    Tip: Customize icons with the Icon Designer.
  4. Select the Editor Theme. The workbench preview is updated with your selection.
  5. Select the Theme background checkbox if you want to use the editor theme’s default background color instead of the workbench theme’s background color.
  6. Select the Force colors checkbox if you want to override editor color preferences with the theme’s colors.
  7. Select the Enable Bradcrumb checkbox if you want to include the Breadcrumb toolbar.
  8. The Styling shortcode is updated automatically as you make adjustments to the color theme. If you want to share your custom theme with others, click the Clipboard icon to copy the shortcode to the clipboard or click the Twitter icon to share the code via Twitter.
  9. Click Apply, and then click OK.
  10. Click OK if asked to restart.

DevStyle was introduced in MyEclipse CI 2018.8.0 and the 2017 CI 9 release of Webclipse (now CodeMix) and Angular IDE.