Posted on Sep 30th 2013

Fellow Whovians, break out your Doctor Who inspired bow ties and Chuck Taylor's and register now to win your very own TARDIS! Just like winning swag but not interested in the Doctor? You can also opt to receive a $300 USD Amazon Gift Card!

tardisTo celebrate “The Day of the Doctor,” we’re giving away a life sized TARDIS on November 29th, 2013 - right after the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special but before the Christmas premier episode. While not bigger on the inside, we know you’ll have a blast entertaining your Whovian friends!

Between now and November 28, you can enter to win the TARDIS pictured below.

Click the button below to enter and you’re one step closer to becoming a Time Lord. The winner of the spaceship (or gift card, if you go that route) will be announced on November 29th.

Score bonus votes by socializing your personalized registration URL with fellow Whovians via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus to “up” your chances of winning. Each vote cast using your personal URL scores you an extra vote. A word of caution - when it comes to winning a TARDIS, you may find battling fellow Whovians a harder than battling the Daleks.

Are you curious if you’re destined to be the next incarnation of the good Doctor? You can also use your personalized link to see where you are on the leaderboard.

Click the “Enter to Win” button below and become a Time Lord of your own universe!