Rocio Trujillo
Graphic Designer and Social Media enthusiast.
Posted on Sep 21st 2015 IMG_20150916_184157
We had an amazing time at Eclipse Night London. Questions were asked and most importantly questions were fully answered. We had amazing beer (all beer is amazing if you ask me) and enjoyed a great dinner. But most of all, we got to grow as a community of developers.
Over 35 eclipse users gathered to listen interesting talks like Mike Milinkovich’s, the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. Mike gave us some insights into technology trends and how Eclipse will play a major part in these. Also, Alex Blewitt with “How to Write Bad Plugins”, a really interesting talk that had us all in awe. We were glad with all the interaction between the public and the speakers. This for sure was a great night.

This was our first event created for those Eclipse lovers that wanted to know more from experts and wanted to socialize with other fellow developers. Based on what we saw this won’t definitely be the last one, so be prepared and follow us on twitter @Genuitec and our blog to keep track on the next event.
If you didn’t got the time or weren’t near, but would love to assist; you can tweet us on where would you like to have this event and we’ll definitely consider it!

Thanks to all assistants and sponsors like kichwacoders and Eclipse.org who were as excited as us on having all these topics in one place.