The room is packed, in fact it's standing room only, with developers learning how to pimp out their Raspberry Pi to create home entertainment apps.  We're at EclipseCon San Francisco right now, and as I write this blog the energy in the room is palpable. Cutting edge development on a home TV with Eclipse RCP and Raspberry Pi is all the rage, and we're showing developers how to make real world, useful apps with these Java technologies.

EclipseCon Raspberry Pi, Genuitec

Raspberry Pi and Eclipse for your TV

Here's a link to the formal presentation happening now:

At the forefront of the above picture you'll see Genuitec engineers Tim Webb and Jed Anderson showing off our open source PiPlug for your home TV - if you'd like to get your hands on it follow this GitHub link:

EclipseCon San Francisco, Genuitec and Raspberry Pi

Genuitec's Tim Webb presenting on Eclipse RCP and Raspberry Pi

We'll follow up with more thoughts and details later, but as of now what a fun crowd in the room!

Oh yeah, here's our latest press release supporting the Internet of Things - that's the name of the projects we're working on with Eclipse RCP, PiPlug, and Raspberry Pi;  get all the details here:



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Posted on Mar 19th 2014