Posted on Apr 23rd 2014

For those folks who couldn't attend the webinar or need a refresher here are the quick notes from The World's Largest Webinar 2014 #WLW14

Theme: Always be experimenting. Test, Learn, Iterate

Key: Twitter: TW /Facebook: FB/ LinkedIn: LK/ HubSpot: HS

TW: Use photos to capture audience. "Bonobos" used as an example. Put your hashtag in your bio

FB: Fill out business facts first on your business page. Next a great photo that represents your businesss. Use FB free tools to build the page. Example: Upload existing customers lists to FB and invite them to the page

LK: For company pages use compelling descriptions that include key terms to your business. Again use a eye-catching photo. LinkedIn likes the company example "Huge"

TW: Use the 80/20 rule when posting. 20% of core business, 80% other conversations like Industry tips, industry trends. Tweets with photo attached or Vine attached more likely to be shared.

LK: Post "snackable" content with professional focus. Tips and tricks with industry focus. Use strong images. Does not need to be your content, just industry focused to professional audience

TW: Your followers are an "opt-in" list. Remember they want to hear from you. Jump into conversations around hashtags that are in your industry or specialty with a goal to get re-tweets (RTs) to expose your brand to a larger audience

FB: Same principals as TW, but FB motto is "Test, Learn, Iterate." Your Page can target posts to gender, age, locations, language, more. Use authentic voice, do not be a robot. Use hashtags on FB to help people search out content. FB likes "Kays Designer Consignment" as a success story

FB: Ads target people not cookies. Can build personas that FB advertising can match its users

TW: Use email marketing strategy on twitter.  Once newsletter is published share the page but break out the contents of newsletter/email campaign into smaller engaging bits. Can do it throughout the day to have tweet content flowing

TW: For direct conversations or to get customers off TW do not use hashtags or pictures as they clutter a more direct marketing message

TW/FB: Don't be a robot. Talk like you would to friends.

TW: Like "Chegg" as a company with success. They used images with text included to be clever while relating their business to current trending topics, like #polarvortex. Also added a discount/promotion to tweet when doing trending marketing work

FB: Use images that are beautiful, authentic on business page

LK: Images that are professional in tone but new

TW: 20 posts a day is about right for that platform

FB: 1.5 posts a day is about right for that platfom

FB/LK/TW - Unhook your accounts because different platforms have different content consumption habits. FB friends don't want to the traffic you do on TW.



**Another set of notes not combined with the above**

1. Be sure your business bios are descriptive and complete.
2. Use photos that represent your business well.
3. Make use of search terms in LinkedIn, using key words that your target audience would search for.
4. Tweets with photos are 2x more likely to be shared than tweets without.
5. Share "snackable" content; small portions of larger content.
6. Make 80% of tweets focused on relevant topics other than your products; 20% product-related tweets.
7. Offer incentives for using a specific hashtag.
8. Include strong calls to action.
9. On FaceBook, be personable and human.
10 Don't send the same content on all networks. Tailor the same information to each network.

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