Angular 2: Timeout during server start

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    Brian Fernandes

    Some users working with Angular 2 project may experience the following error when working with their Angular 2 projects.

    Timed out waiting for server to start. Please ensure you have angular-ide NPM plugin installed in your project. Run npm install –save-dev angular-ide._

    This is caused by the fact that the very latest versions of the Angular CLI, the name of the CLI package has been changed from “angular-cli” to “angular/cli”.

    We are working on adding support for this name change, which will be available in the 2017 CI 3 release due in a couple of weeks. Until then, you may want to stick to projects created with CLI versions 1.0.0-beta.16 to 1.0.0-beta.28.3 which use the angular-cli package.

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    Still seeing this problem with the latest Webclipse release

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