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    I’m working in an Angular project which we originally generated through Angular IDE. The product has been really nice for finding errors and syntax issues across TypeScript, HTML, and spec files, which is great because my team is new to Angular.

    However, we are now creating our first end-to-end test scripts, but no TypeScript files are being validated within the e2e folder. This makes it really difficult to learn and apply Protractor concepts, which we are still playing with, because we have to keep running “ng e2e” to see if what we’ve written is valid.

    More precisely, when I say they are not being validated, I mean that I get no markers or errors as I type anything, even if it’s complete nonsense. If I right-click a file and “validate”, I get no errors or warnings.

    I can still run e2e tests and they will pass if written correctly, but this is hurting my productivity a bit as I try to learn Protractor concepts.

    Is Angular IDE capable of validating my e2e TypeScript files?

    I am using Angular IDE with typescript 2.3.4 and tslint 5.4.3.
    As far as I know, we have not edited tsconfig.json nor the three extensions of it, including tsconfig.e2e.json.

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    Thank you for your feedback regarding AngularIDE.

    I am afraid we don’t support multiple tsconfig files yet. There is an enhancement request already filed for the same. We will keep you posted about the support schedule soon.

    As a workaround, you can change tsconfig used by our services in project properties to get the validation working for e2e : Right click on the project > Properties > TypeScript and browse for e2e tsconfig json i.e tsconfig.e2e.json. Restart the IDE and you should see the e2e ts files being validated.

    Please note that when you choose the e2e tsconfig json, while the validation will work for ts files under e2e folder, you will lose validation for other parts of the source code.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    MyEclipse Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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