Angular IDE does not work correctly after the CodeMix update

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    I do not know what is happening, but Angular IDE stopped working correctly after the update CodeMix2, can not create a new project angular, terminal does not work, debug the project is imposible. I do not know what I’m doing wrong or it’s a bug.

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    Brian Fernandes

    Sorry you’ve had a bad upgrade experience – from the number of failures you listed, it looks like the upgrade might have failed, as opposed to bugs in the product. We have a few questions:

    1) How had you installed Angular IDE (your first install, not this upgrade)? Did you use our installer or did you install it from the command line?
    2) In <installation_directory>/configuration/org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator there’s a bundles.info file. Can you please send that file to us?
    3) Please also send us the <workspace_directory>/.metadata/.log file, that will tell us what is going wrong right now.
    4) At the bottom left of your workbench window, you should see “CodeMix” text with a icon next to it. Can you tell us what icon you see and the message on hover? A screenshot would be fine too.

    Can you describe any of the errors you are experiencing – you say project creation does not work, does the wizard come up and fail when you click finish, or does the wizard fail to start in the first place.

    Apologies again for the inconvenience caused, we hope to get you up and running ASAP.

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    Hi, Brian, thank you for addressing my problem with the software.

    Answering your questions, I tell you the following:

    1) I used the installer to install Angular IDE.
    2) Attach the file bundles.info -> the file could not be attached by this means.
    3) Attach the file .log
    4) Attach the screenshot, “The CodeMix engine is connected”

    The wizard “New Angular Project” it ends, but it does not generate anything, it creates only the node_modules folder, but it empty.

    I have open projects that were already working on Angular IDE, but I can not debug because the Angular CLI Server fails.

    I hope the information I sent to you is enough to solve the problem. If possible, I prefer to continue the conversation by email.

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    Brian Fernandes

    Sorry for the delay in responding, we were putting out another update which could potentially fix some of the issues you have been experiencing – some of which could be caused by a bad update. This update was released on Friday, can you ensure you are on the latest build of CodeMix and try again?

    If you are still experiencing issues, perhaps we could schedule a web meeting where we can go over the issues together, that will be the most expedient way of addressing these problems. If you can let us know what times you are available over the next couple of days, I will set up a meeting ASAP.

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    Brian Fernandes

    Please see this post for instructions on how Angular IDE can be patched to possibly fix this issue: https://www.genuitec.com/forums/topic/angular-ide-not-working-properly-after-updating-to-codemix/#post-599671

    Do try these steps and let us know.


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    Brian Fernandes

    1) On the not working Terminal+ view, can you go to Window > Show View > Other and check the Terminal+ category? There may be two views listed there, can you try both the views?

    2) If you have been attempting to serve your project, are you doing that from the Terminal or an external console, with ng serve, or are you attempting to start the project using the Servers view?

    3) If you do get the Terminal+ working, please open a Terminal+ session rooted at your project and let us have the output of the following commands

    which ng
    which ngide
    ng --version (let us know what version is reported)
    Finally, you could try updating the angular-ide module using
    npm update angular-ide and see if that helps improve the experience?

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