Both inexperienced as Madden NFL 23 starters

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    The present is a great one. It’s one in which Geno Smith is a bust before taking a game in Madden NFL 23 game. Tavon Austin could revolutionize an entire segment of the game before being able to touch the ball during a Madden NFL 23 video game.

    These rookies will be anticipated to make an impact in a league where the fans and owners as well as front office staff expect immediate results on the field. This means that Smith and Austin, as well as countless other rookies, will get a lot of attention under the spotlight over the course of the next month, during training camp and preseason.

    How is he handling the switch to Madden NFL 23? Is he in over his head? Do you think he is working too hard? How is he spending his time away from the field? It’s not college football anymore. These aren’t the big men at the college anymore. They need to prove themselves over again.

    Everyone will have their eyes on Smith, Austin and other prominent rookies at training camp. Here are 15 more rookies worth keeping track of in the days before training camp gets underway later this week.

    Tyler Wilson, Quarterback, Oakland Raiders

    The Raiders’ quarterback situation is expected to be an interesting issue to watch during training camp. Terrelle Pryor entered the offseason as the team’s favorite following the departure from Carson Palmer. But Oakland proceeded to trade for Matt Flynn and draft Tyler Wilson in April. With his strength and ability to make shots in the field, Wilson could endear himself to the Raiders coaches during training camp. Flynn and Pryor are both inexperienced as Madden NFL 23 starters, therefore Wilson could have a chance at starting his career.
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