broken tomcat server.xml file

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    We messed up our tomcat server.xml file. We’re running a custom J2EE app using Oracle, but can’t get to the login screen.

    I’ve never worked with Tomcat or JBoss before, so I’m going through a big learning curve and would like to know if MyEclipse could help or if you know someone who could help us.

    So far, we’ve got the tomcat server.xml working correctly for everything except the one application I mentioned. Port 8443 is open, which is correct. But, we’re not connecting to the custom app.

    I’ve located the war directory. There doesn’t appear to be a “ear” file. The jboss-web.xml file, within the war directory, only has comments. So, based on what I’ve read, I think this means the developers (who aren’t available) were using the web-client part of web-client.war as the context root. (In this case, xyz.war.)

    Also, the url that should get the user to a login page is I don’t see any directories named xyz. However, in the web.xml file, I see:

    So, I suspect the /xyz part gets rewritten and ends up at the login screen. I found index.jsp mainHome.jsp and main.jsp which appear to be doing some sort of rewrite or redirect for this application.

    Can MyEclipse help us rebuild the server.xml file? I feel like we’ve got most of the pieces of the puzzle but I need either a clue – like an example. Please let me know if any of my assumptions don’t make sense. Like I said this is all learning curve for me.


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    I would recommend you to run your application on the debug mode and step through the code. If you are a newbie, I would recommend you go through the tutorials and white-papers listed here –

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