browser crash on reload

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    We are seeing an intermittent browser crash on reload. intermittent from day to day. sometimes crash will occur every other reload sometimes 2 or 3 times per day.

    * Win 7
    * Win 10
    * Chrome 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    * CI8 – Prerelease

    Reproduction steps:
    * launch browser with/without debug through webclipse
    Cannot be reliably reproduced

    Issue is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced when launching browser externally. I have confirmed both browser show same version info.

    Can be quite high when launching from eclipse. Issue is very minor when launching externally (we do not use weblive or single step debug very often).

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    Sorry that you are seeing this issue.

    Can you please give us some more details?

    1. Please share with us the .log file located at workspace dir/.metadata/.log for further investigation.

    2. Do you see the problem when reloading the angular app in the browser or with any project like web project as well?

    3. Do you remember seeing the crash problem with previous build or does it happen only after updating to the CI 8 prerelease build?

    4. Can you please let us know what exact steps you are following i.e the kind of changes you are making to the code or the project and reloading the browser?

    5. What are the symptoms of the crash? Does the browser just close/disappear without any error/warning dialog or any reference to a crash file? Please elaborate what exactly happens when you reload the browser.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused.

    MyEclipse Support

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    I was able to duplicate the issue this morning and collect 2 logs (attached).

    2. I only see this when reloading a web project in eclipse. Only when browser is launched from Eclipse.

    3. This is not new to pre-release. Has been with us for several releases. Duplicated on 2 installations (different WIn7/Win10)

    4. Changes to code seem irrelevant. Simply make changes (any changes) and save triggering auto-reload.

    5. Crash is browser freeze with high memory utilization. Browser must be stopped externally


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    Thank you for the details and the log files.

    Can you please check if the ‘CodeLive’ is enabled for the server in the Servers view?
    If yes, then please disable ‘CodeLive’ for the server, delete the contents of the .log file and check if you can still replicate the problem with the browser crash.

    For help with disabling CodeLive, please refer to this tutorial :

    If disabling CodeLive does not help and the issue persists, then please send us the .log file for further investigation. Please share with us the server and its version details.

    Also let us know if you have installed any third party plugins related to web projects.

    MyEclipse Support

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    Issue occurs with code live enabled or disabled
    no 3rd party plugins or apps

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    Brian Fernandes


    Thank you for those details. We’re at a bit of a loss because we’re unable to reproduce the problem here, and I wonder if may have something to do with your app – since you mentioned it crashes when Chrome is externally launched as well, albeit far less frequently.

    1) Any difference with the latest version of Chrome? We tried with the version you specified, but I notice that a more recent version is now available.
    2) Would it be possible to try a default Angular app and see if you can reproduce the problem there too? Just use the Angular Project wizard to create a new Angular project with the defaults, and serve this one. Try debugging this and making some changes a few times.
    3) I’d like to specifically clarify your answer to a question asked earlier – whether this happens for Angular projects or Web projects, to which you said “Web projects”. By any chance, is your project a Java EE project (technically called “Web Projects in Eclipse) containing Angular bits, or is it just an Angular project? How did you create it?
    4) As far as the error logs you shared earlier are concerned – do you mind clearing your log (from the error log view) and then reproducing the error and sharing that log? The logs shared earlier cover a rather large period so it’s difficult to co-relate with the crash.
    5) From your previous posts, you’ve stated that the errors occur on automatic reload. It might be interesting to refresh the browser manually (outside of a change cycle) to see if that causes the crash as well. When it does happen as part of an automatic reload – anything out of the ordinary listed in the Terminal view?


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