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    In order of release:

    1. Coffee Calculator (my first “learning m1” app)
    Notable Functionality includes: Custom Build Select List Menu and Leadbolt Ad banner. Pretty straight forward really.

    Available on iOS and Android:
    Coffee Calculator on iOS
    Coffee Calculator on Android

    2. CellPoint Mobile (my first business App)
    Notable Functionality: AJAX communication with web service to build list menus and dropdowns, and to update the web DB. Also includes login authentication with web service and encrypted storage and transmission of passwords.

    Available on iOS and Android:
    CellPoint Mobile on iOS
    CellPoint Mobile on Android

    3. OHIO Tax Proration Estimator (my second business App)
    Notable Functionality: None really, just a useful calculator for those it the real estate biz! It does, however, include different user options for how to perform the calculations.

    Available on iOS and Android:
    OHIO Tax Proration Estimator on iOS
    OHIO Tax Proration Estimator on Android

    4. The Balloon Game (my first game app – PAID and FREE versions)
    Notable Functionality: AJAX communication with web service to store high scores. Audio without UI, game loop with time based animation using RequestAnimationFrame(), and collision detection algorithm. FREE version includes Leadbolt Ad banner.

    Available on iOS and Android:
    The Balloon Game on iOS
    The Balloon Game on Android

    The Balloon Game FREE on iOS
    The Balloon Game FREE on Android

    5. ?

    Thanks for all the help along the way!

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    awesome work, they look great.

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    Thank you, and thanks again for sharing your game example. It was huge help in getting my game started.

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    @code A
    i was wondering if you could help me.
    im having trouble getting canvas games to be responsive in my apps
    not sure where im going wrong.
    if i upload to server they fit the screen perfect in safari but as an app they dont work so well. even if i create a web app they are not responsive, but if i build for ipad they work fine.
    i have something wrong somewhere.
    cheers if you could help.

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    Not sure if this will help or not. I had to modify the original code a bit to make it scale properly to all screens (I basically had to switch the ratio).

    this.height = 960; 
    this.width = 640;
    this.resizeToWindow = function() {
            var h = this.canvas.height / this.canvas.width;
            var w = window.innerWidth;
            var ratio = h * w;
            this.canvas.style.width = window.innerWidth + 'px' ;
            this.canvas.style.height = window.innerHeight + 'px';

    Hope this helps.

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    cheers Code A
    i will give that a go

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    You are awesome Code A
    that worked a treat.
    been a while since i got to give it go, happy now
    cheers and thank you.
    i got a few games to get working on now………….

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    very nice full code A…
    can you teach we, how to build something like that…
    sorry for my bad speech

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    Thank you.

    Post your specific questions in the Getting Help – General forum for all users to support.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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