Crashes on macOS High Sierra

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    Brian Fernandes

    A few of our users are experiencing crashes with MyEclipse on macOS High Sierra. If you are experiencing this issue, please update to MyEclipse 2017 CI 10 or MyEclipse 2017 Stable 2.0 which include the fix.

    If you do not wish to update, please see below for earlier versions of MyEclipse 2017. Please contact us if you need a fix for an earlier version of the IDE.

    Workaround for MyEclipse 2017 CI/MyEclipse 2017 Stable

    1) Shut down MyEclipse
    2) In the plugins folder, find a file named org.eclipse.swt.cocoa.macosx.x86_64_3.105.1.v20160907-0248.jar and delete it (please make a backup first).
    Note: If you do not have a file with exactly this name, do not proceed – the fix will not work. Remember that this fix only applies to MyEclipse 2017.
    3) Unzip the attached into your plugins folder (you must be logged in to download the attachment). Confirm that you now have a new JAR with the same name in the plugins folder.
    4) Edit your eclipse.ini file, and add a -clean switch at line #2 (i.e. after #ansi) and save the file.
    For illustration, your eclipse.ini will look somewhat like this:

    #ansi (do not remove)

    5) Start MyEclipse

    The plugins folder and eclipse.ini file can typically be found in /Applications/MyEclipse 2017 CI/MyEclipse 2017
    The -clean argument can be removed from your eclipse.ini after the initial start when the JAR was replaced.

    Technical notes

    1) The crashes are specific to macOS High Sierra, they do not occur on earlier versions of macOS, or on other OSes.
    2) MyEclipse may crash during regular editing operations, like typing in an editor or working with text selections.
    3) Crashes do not happen to all users with this environment – only some are affected.
    4) This Eclipse bug covers the crash.
    5) The “update to Oxygen” solution suggested in the above bug is not applicable to MyEclipse users, as MyEclipse 2017 is based on Neon and cannot be updated to Oxygen. Earlier versions of MyEclipse may be affected as well. MyEclipse 2018 will be based on Oxygen and will be delivered early next year.

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    Thanks.the problem solved!

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