Critical Fix for 64 Bit Users

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    Hello Everyone,

    Please note I’m using Centos 5, 64 bit system with myeclipse 6.6

    If you are constantly experiencing myeclipse crashes, permgen out of memory errors etc. , or basically just a really, really unstable development environment on 64 bit operating systems for myeclipse. Then maybe it could be the jvm you have running on your machine.

    I was using Sun’s 64 bit jdk on my centos system but I was often frustrated by how often bizaare behaviour would show up on my myeclipse environment (opening certain views would crash the system, permgen errors). So I looked online to see if other have experienced this issue and it looks like they did. One person posted online that the best way to fix this was to stop using Sun’s 64 bit JVM and instead use IBM’s .

    So I followed their advice and downloaded the 64 bit jvm from IBM and so far myeclipse is far more stable and faster, and I’ve stopped experiencing the permgen memory errors every hour. I strongly suggest that if your using Sun’s jvm and are experiencing the issues described above that you instead use IBM’s jvm.

    TeamSite support please put this post in a FAQ or somewhat so new users can see.

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    Riyad Kalla


    Very interesting find, which base 64-bit build of Eclipse are you using with MyEclipse?

    Note that I would like to make the following disclaimers about this setup:
    * We don’t have an official 64-bit build of MyEclipse yet
    * We don’t test ontop of 64-bit builds of Eclipse
    * We don’t test with the IBM VM

    So none of that is officially supported and we aren’t aware of any side effects of using it *but*, that being said, if you run into hickups you can still ask for help and we’ll do our best to help you work around them.

    I’m going to make this post sticky, because if you were running into this issue, that means others might be as well and we don’t want them stuck on a flaky platform either. Thanks for taking the time to sum this all up for everyone nmatrix.

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    Hello Riyad,

    Here are my system specs.

    *** Date:
    Wednesday, November 19, 2008 12:39:34 AM EST

    ** System properties:
    OS version=2.6.18-8.1.15.el5
    Java version=1.6.0

    *** MyEclipse details:
    MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench
    Version: 6.6.0
    Build id: 6.6.0-20081015

    *** Eclipse details:
    Eclipse SDK

    Version: 3.3.2
    Build id: M20080221-1800

    Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment

    Version: 3.3.3.r33x_r20080129-7N7M5DQVIA_6oJsEFkEL
    Build id: M20080221-1800

    Eclipse Platform

    Version: 3.3.3.r33x_r20080129-_19UEl7Ezk_gXF1kouft
    Build id: M20080221-1800

    Eclipse Project SDK

    Version: 3.3.3.r33x_r20080129-7M7J7LB-u3aphGW6o3_VmiVfGXWO
    Build id: M20080221-1800

    Eclipse Java Development Tools

    Version: 3.3.2.r33x_r20080129-7o7jE7_EDhYDiyVEnjb1pFd7ZGD7
    Build id: M20080221-1800

    Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework

    Version: 3.3.2.v20080129
    Build id: 20080221-1602

    Eclipse RCP

    Version: 3.3.3.r33x_r20080129-8y8eE9UEUWI6qujeED0xT7bc
    Build id: M20080221-1800

    Eclipse startup command=-os

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    Robert Byrne

    I was just wondering if you knew whether this issue extends to J2EE applications that have been deployed on CentOS 5 machines using that JVM.


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    Riyad Kalla


    None of the MyEclipse 64-bit issues should effect any app dev you do, client or server. Your projects exist in a sandbox in their project in the IDE and certainly once deployed. So you shouldn’t have any problems.

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    hi, just wondering if there are any known issues installing on Windows 2008 64 bit , I recieve an invalid thread access when trying to view a file, the problem I dont see on windows 7


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