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    You can extend OneInstall installers generated by SDC to make them suit your needs. This tutorial doesn’t cover all the technical aspects about Extending OneInstall installers, you can find the documentation about this on:

    The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to make SDC Admin Console to pick up some customizations done to its installers. We provide two examples:
    1. This example let you set a custom default installation directory for the SDC installers. Inside this class you should write your logic to calculate the installation directory.
    2. This example let you write values into the config.ini properties file once the installation is done. Inside this class you can write the properties you need such as the default workspace directory.

    Setup your workspace to extend OneInstall installers
    Add the projects to your workspace:
    We have included an archive file named paths override This zip contains two projects that need to be added into the workspace. To do this:

    1.Extract the file paths override (see note at the end of the post).
    2. Within eclipse select File -> Import…
    3. Select “Existing projects into workspace”.
    4. Select the option “Select archive file” and browse for the archive example inside the extracted folder.
    5. Click Finish.

    The projects will be imported into your workspace.

    Add the missing plugins:
    We need to include some features into our workspace to be able to compile our OneInstall extensions. We have Included a folder called “Plugins”, inside of it we have 4 plugins that we need to add to our target platform. To do this:

    1. Within eclipse select Window -> Preferences.
    2. On the tree expand “Plug-in Development” and select “Target Platform”.
    3. Select your Active target platform and click Edit.
    4. Click Add, and select Directory
    5. Browse for the folder Plugins inside the extracted folder and click next.
    6. Click Finish.
    7. Click Finish again.
    8. Reload your active target platform.

    After this you should not see the errors we had on the projects we imported.

    Customize and build the examples
    Customize the examples
    At this point you can customize the examples to make them suit your needs. The two clases you want to customize are: com.genuitec.pulse.installer.example.path.overrides.ChangeDefaultInstallFolderModule and

    Build the Site
    Once you have done all the customizations to the examples we need to build the site for them.

    1. Look for the site.xml file on com.genuitec.pulse.installer.example.path.overrides/customization and open it.
    2. Select the build all option
    3. This will create two folders (features & plugins) and two files (artifacts.jar & content.jar) on the customization folder.

    Setup Admin Console to pick up the customization
    Now we are ready to make the Admin Console pick up our customizations to its installers.

    1. Stop the Admin Console.
    2. Navigate to <admin-console installation folder>/local-storage/metavc/environmental-policies
    3. Open the folder of the Environmental Policy you wish to customize with your changes (The Installers built using this Policy will have our customizations).
    4. inside the chosen Environmental Policy folder create a folder called “installer”.
    5. Copy all the content of the customization folder, that’s in your workspace inside the project com.genuitec.pulse.installer.example.path.overrides, into the newly created installer folder.
    6. Start the admin console.
    7. You will see an outgoing change without description for the modified Environmental Policy, commit and promote it.

    After this you can make any Package to use this environmental policy, the installer generated for them will have your customizations.

    Important Note:
    Because of structural changes made on SDC 2013 the example overrides made for SDC 2012 is not compatible with SDC 2013. We have updated the attached files now we have paths override examples paths override examples wich will work on any update of SDC 2012, and we added a new one paths override examples paths override examples wich will work on SDC Update 2013. The tutorial remains the same, the only thing that change is the zip you will use.

    For users that updated from SDC 2012 to SDC 2013
    For those who had the paths overrides examples already working on SDC 2012 and updated to SDC 2013 you will find that it’s broken. To fix it you just need to open the senquences.xml file that’s on your “special” Environmental Policy and
    <inherited-step id=”options”/>
    <step id=”installation” name=””/>
    Save the file and restart the admin console, then you should be able to commit and promote the Environmental Policy and the packages using it.

    Best Regards.
    Héctor – Pulse Support

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