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    Douglas M Hurst

    This is actually an Eclipse feature request and it ought to apply to all versions of MyEclipse. Since you all have access to the Eclipse souce, maybe you can come up with a solution.

    Windows > Preferences > Java > Code Style > Templates > Comments

    … allows you to create templates for code comments. For “Files” for example, the default is


    If the user edits this, they could put in something like…

    * ${date}

    Everytime you create a class, the comment would be automatically generated as follows:

    * Feb 23, 2010

    … of course the date would vary. There ought to be an option for this date format. For example,

    * 2010-02-23

    … would be much more preferable to a developer for searching purposes.

    There is an eclipse bug currently open, but it’s awaiting a patch:


    Comment 12 is the most germane:

    Markus Keller 2006-08-15 04:37:00 EDT

    The ${date} variable could be enhanced to accept an argument (similar to other parameterizations added in 3.3M1), e.g. ${d:date(format)}, where format is a pattern for SimpleDateFormat.

    Doug Hurst

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