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    I’m trying to deploy an external EJB Component to a JBoss Application Server. I have an Jar-Archive containg the EJB classes and ejb-jar.xml with the correct structure.

    To generate the .ear-file, I placed the Jar-File in the Enterprise Application Project root directory and manually modify the application.xml….But then any usage of the UI “contect-menu->My Eclipse->add remove modules” would destroy the manual changes in application.xml. Additionally there might be problems for the deploymen

    How can i deploy an external EJB component. To create an EJB Module Project is not possible. I have no source code.

    Thanks for the response.

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    Scott Anderson


    I really don’t have a good solution for this since the model you’re using really isn’t directly supported. Right now, there’s no way to manually manage application.xml since it is regenerated from the “Add/Remove modules” dialog as you’ve discovered. The best workaround is probably to simply get your modules configured, make your changes, and then put application.xml under source control, with the rest of artifacts in the EAR project. If you notice that application.xml shows that it’s been modified, by MyEclipse rebuilding it, simply restore the last version from the repository to get your changes back. I wish I had a better suggestion.

    Anyone else doing something similar with a different approach?

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    Actually I’m experimenting with an ant script, doing the complete deployment to the EJB-Application Server. Obviously there is no use for the Enterprise Application Project in this case. So I defined a simple project, containing the ant script, the META-INF directory with Manifest.mf and application.xml and the Jar-File of the external EJB component.

    The Web and EJB Module Projects still exists and doing their job.

    If I have all in place, I post an examle….if there is time 😉

    Thanks anyway

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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