Developing a mobile GUI with MyEclipse – one scenario

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    We thought it would be helpful to describe how one of our mobile developers works now that MobiOne is at end of life. It may be helpful for those who mourn the loss of the MobiOne editor.

    1. I use the Visual HTML Editor but only the Source tab. I can still drag/drop components from the palette, such as ionic & jquery, directly into the source code where I want them. I never use the other tabs because they are not particularly useful for mobile development.
    2. I use the Mobile Web Simulator to view the project and live changes for the file(s) I’m editing. To open the simulator, from the MyEclipse Project Explorer, right-click on the project for the popup menu. Select PhoneGap > Preview in Mobile Web Simulator. When you save any modified web file (html, js, css, image) MyEclipse signals the simulator to reload the resource. Thus I usually keep the simulator opened most of my development session so I can view my changes in a more accurate manner.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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