DispatchActions in Struts Design View do not connect

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    – System Setup ——————————-
    Operating System and version: Widows 2000 Service Pack 3
    Eclipse version: Version: 3.0.1
    Eclipse build id: Build id: 200409161125
    Fresh Eclipse install (y/n): y
    If not, was it upgraded to its current version using the update manager?
    Other installed external plugins:
    Number of plugins in the <eclipse>/plugins directory that begin with org.eclipse.pde.*: 22
    MyEclipse version: 3.8.3
    Eclipse JDK version: 1.4.2
    Application Server JDK version: 1.4.2
    Are there any exceptions in the Eclipse log file? n

    – Message Body ——————————-

    Just installed 3.8.3 and the Struts design view now works differently than under 3.8.2 for actions that extend DispatchAction. When connecting two actions with a parameter, I now loose the visual joining of the two actions. In 3.8.3, when I modify the property of the connection (e.g., from “/selectClient.do” to “/selectClient.do?method=setup” the designer unlinks the two actions, creates a new URL diagram element, and links it the source action.

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    Riyad Kalla

    Can you email us a sample project to support@genuitec.com that shows the problem you are having with a link to this post so we have a context for the email and a description what it should be showing? This will be the fastest way to get this fixed if we have something concrete to test against.

    #222111 Reply

    Brian Fernandes


    Thank you for your sample project. Just the config and the mex file were enough to pinpoint the problem.
    It’s quite a serious one- thank you for bringing it to our notice. It has been fixed in our internal build and you will see it soon in the QuickFix release.

    Appreciate your support,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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