Eclipse 4.6 support

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    Gerd W. Naschenweng

    I noticed in the release notes for Neon ( that Grunt/Gulp is supported:

    Both Bower and npm are supported with creation wizards and launch shortcuts for executing update and install commands. Grunt and gulp build systems are accessible from within the Project Explorer view and can be executed via launch shortcuts.

    When is 4.6 support planned for MyEclipse CI?

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    Brian Fernandes


    The MyEclipse 2017 release will be based on Neon, and should include at least this functionality. 2017 CI 1 should be available in a couple of months.

    We are also working on some related features for 2016 as well. Can you tell us what Grunt/Gulp/other capabilities you are most interested in? The ability to run tasks from within the resource explorers or other?

    Thank you for asking.

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    Gerd W. Naschenweng

    Thanks for the clarification. We would be interested in running tasks within the IDE with an outlook of migrating off our ANT build process.

    We currently use ANT to minify and generate CSS sprites but would like to switch to more advanced capabilities which ANT is not able to provide us with (one example is the use of Zurb / MJML)

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    Thanks for your input. It will help us in our planning.

    We appreciate your continued interest in MyEclipse.

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