Eclipse open error com.genuitec.eclipse.code.livepreview.common.LPMappingService

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    I installed the CodeMix3 plugin in eclipse 2020-06. It was working fine when I installed it two to three days ago.I created some Vue.js projects. Live preview, syntax highlighting all were working fine. But today when I opened the eclipse workspace, then I am getting
    An internal error has occurred. Could not initialize class com.genuitec.eclipse.code.livepreview.common.LPMappingService.

    I tried by closing and opening eclipse again and again. But each time there is same error.

    I have also attached an error image and log file. I am getting error in all three file .css, .js and .html. If I click on Reloead CodeMix Engine. It is not solving the error. The image with Restarting stuck on the screen.

    Why it is happening?


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    Sorry that you are seeing this issue.
    Thank you for the screenshots and the log file.

    Can you please wait till the engine is connected and then try opening the Live Preview? From the screenshots, it looks like the engine is not connected and so invoking Live Preview might be throwing the error. Wait till the blue tick appears for CodeMix on the bottom left and then open the editor and Live Preview.

    Genuitec Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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