Emmet in angular component.html file.

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    Is there away to use emment in a angular name.component.html file? It works fine in a HTML file that has the tags html and body.

    Or do we need to add this to the emment codebase?

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    The Emmet works in angular html file as well. We have a known bug with Emmet abbreviation expansion not working at the root of an empty html file. The same issue exists in an empty angular html file as well. If there are other lines in the file, then the Emmet abbreviation expansion will work.

    Are you working with an empty angular html file? In such case, you have to select the abbreviation and then hit Ctrl+Alt+Enter instead of placing the cursor at the end of the line and hitting Ctrl+Alt+Enter to get the expansion.

    If you are still seeing issues, then please share with us more details about the contents of the angular component.html and where exactly in that file you are trying to work with Emmet. If possible, please share with us a screenshot to help us get a visual.

    Sorry for inconvenience caused.

    MyEclipse Support

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    Thanks. That works.

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